5 Best Gaming Headphones under $100 in 2021

Choosing the best gaming headphone under $100 could be a difficult task. First, you have to select plenty of high-quality headphones with numerous features. On the other hand, the headphone at a reasonable price under $100 may come with incredible features suitable for your needs.

As you know gaming headphones can be used for long hours, you should buy headphones with good sound quality and extreme comfort. If you buy heavyweight headphones, then you will be tired by wearing the headphone.

If you mostly play multiplayer games, then buy the headphone with a microphone. It will allow you to communicate with your friends and team members online. After testing various models of headphones, we have selected some best gaming headphones under $100.below is the list of headphones with features pros cons. let’s start it.

The Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones under $100

#1. HyperX Cloud Alpha – Gaming Headset, Dual Chamber Drivers, Legendary

HyperX Cloud gaming headset has the unique feature of the dual-chamber driver that will clear the sound by reducing the distortion. Dual-chamber works by separating the bass from the mids and highs to create a smooth and accurate sound. hyperx cloud gaming headset over-ear design consists of red memory foam pad for making the headband softer.

HyperX Cloud Alphas frame made with aluminum for durability and stability. The audio control buttons are fixed on the right side of the detachable cable. It is easy to set the volume and mic muting. The detachable cable helps to store the headphone easily and prevents damage. You have to insert the cable plug firmly for full connectivity.

The microphone featured noise canceling and is detachable. If you do not want to use a microphone, you can unplug it and use it only for music. The Cloud Alpha can be used for all mobile devices, PCs, and other platforms with the 3.5mm port. It is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord.


  • The microphone with a frequency response of 50Hz-18000Hz
  • Detachable microphone and cable helps to store it easily
  • Noise cancellation microphone
  • High-quality aluminum frame with red memory foam
  • Dual drivers make the sound more clear and distortion-free
  • Use it with PC,PS4,PS4 Pro,Xbox One, Xbox One S,Mac,Mobile,Nintendo Switch,VR


  • Extremely loud sound
  • Great sound quality
  • Light headset and fit on ears
  • noise-canceling microphone


  • Lack of additional drivers
  • Ear cups could be bigger for more comfortable

#2. Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound

Corsair Void Pro gaming headset is a wireless headphone made with high-quality material and gaming aesthetics. It works with 50-millimeter high-density neodymium audio drivers with a frequency range of 20 Hz-30000Hz. It is built to give you a high comfort level with breathable microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear pads. You will enjoy the long gaming sessions.

Corsair Void is constructed with aluminum yokes that give you a long-lasting experience of gaming. The built-in microphone catches your voice with clarity. Also, a flip-up mute button and a built-in LED mute indicator.


  • Wireless headset
  • On-ear volume and mute settings
  • Omnidirectional microphone with flip-up mute function
  • The frequency range of 20Hz -30000Hz
  • Headset made with microfiber mesh soft fabric and memory foam ear pads
  • 50 millimeters High density neodymium audio drivers


  • Great sound quality
  • Strongly built
  • Quick installation of software
  • Easy to set volume control buttons
  • Easy setup


  • It does not cover the ear from all sides
  • The top of the headphone is heavy

#3. SADES MPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset

SADES MPOWER is a lightweight headset and multi-platform gaming headphone that can connect with PS4/XBOX ONE(2015 Version)/Laptop/Nintendo Switch/VR/Mobile devices via the 3.5mm audio+mic combined jack.

Power conversion cable with two jacks one is 3.5mm audio and other is mic jack used to connect it with PC. Mpower stereo sound is powerful due to its 50mm speakers. The built-in foldaway microphone picks your voice to make it clear and accurate. The big leather ear pads give a noise-cancellation feature. The earmuffs are padded with soft leather, which is skin-friendly and gives you comfort while in long gaming sessions.

The in-line control is easy to set while playing games.SADES gives you satisfaction by checking all the products before shipping to the customer and promised to give high-quality products also offers you 18 months after-sale service


  • Lightweight and multi-platform headphone
  • Dual conversion cable with dual jacks
  • 50mm speakers make the stereo sound more powerful
  • The retractable microphone for clear and transparent sound
  • Noise cancellation function
  • The earpads are padded with soft leather


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good color and style
  • The amazing noise cancellation feature 


  • They do not cover their ears properly
  • The microphone quality is not good

#4. Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation

If you are searching the market for the best gaming headphone under $100, durable and made with aluminum fork and headband with steel. They give you comfort with their soft memory foam earpads and noise-canceling leather. In addition, this headphone has advanced PRO-G 50mm drivers that make the sound clear and precise and improve the bass quality. You can even listen to the sound of footsteps and environmental cues with clarity in a gaming session.

The mic of 6mm gives you a wider frequency response, reduces the signal-to-noise ratio, and has high sensitivity. Built-in with pop and windscreen to block the offensive noise. The mic is detachable for east travel and storage.

Logitech is popular due to its tournament-level sound quality. It comes with a USB external card with EQ profile storage. Customize the volume or mute your mic with its inline control. It comes with a 2m long wire so you can move around with headphones. Connect it with a USB or 3.5mm audio port.


  • Very lightweight and strong gaming headset made with an aluminum fork and steel headband
  • Soft memory foam on-ear pads with noise-canceling
  • Mic with high frequency and lower the noise ratio
  • Sensitivity 107Db @1 kHz SPL 30 Mw /1cm


  • Excellent build quality
  • A flexible mic allows you to set it to any position
  • Durable earmuffs
  • Easy software to use


  • Complaints about the Microphone quality
  • Padding could be thicker

#5. Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset

The SENNHEISER GSP 300 is specially designed for gamers who want to enjoy the high-quality audio in-game. This headset comes with large memory foam pads that create an acoustic seal and allow you to play the game with high-quality sound.

SENNHEISER delivers a high bass sound and crisp and clear audio to communicate during the game. It has a clever ball-joint hinge that can be adjusted to different head sizes and shapes. The GSP 300 is available in three different colors. The GSP 300 closed back to play the game even in a noisy environment.

The GSP 300 has a built-in flexible boom arm that can be adjusted in any direction. If you raise the boom arm, the microphone will be muted automatically. Built-in volume wheel on the right ear cup that allows you to adjust the volume quickly while playing games. It also delivers high-quality audio cues in games. For example, you can listen to the sound of an explosion and deep bass and clear sound for game discussions.


  • Close acoustic gaming headset allows you to focus on the game with excellent sound quality
  • Audio cues for quick reaction in games
  • adjustable boom mic
  • Built-in volume wheel for quick and easy adjustment of volume
  • Stylish and durable design
  • The ball-joint hinge allows you to adjust the headphone to different head sizes and shapes
  • It is compatible with multiplatform


  • Great closed-ear design
  • The microphone can be adjusted easily
  • The microphone is of high audio quality
  • Soft padding on the headset


  • The cable could be longer
  • The frequency response is low

Buying Guide of Best Gaming Headset Under $100

The selection of the best gaming headphone under $100 may be a difficult process. First, you have to choose one headphone from tons of models. If you consider various factors, then you can save time and effort. Then, you have to decide the weight, sound quality, and purpose of buying the headset and some additional features.

If you are a new user and do not know the best gaming headset, then this buying guide will help you; let’s start the factors one by one.

Build quality

This is an important factor to consider. It covers the various features of headphones. You will check the headband material, frame material. If they are strongly built, then you should buy the headphone.

Headband material

Headband material consists of a band that you wear on your heat. There should be enough padding around the headband so you can wear it comfortably. Check the memory foam pads of the ear cups. Most ear cups are padded with microfiber and leather material. The fabric should be soft and skin-friendly for long gaming sessions.

Frame material

It consists of an entire frame of the headset. It may be of polymer material and may be constructed with steel. You should check the weight. It should be lightweight and durable.

Microphone quality

The microphone is also a necessary part to consider. They break easily because they moved outward. And when moved out, then it will hit with your face or hand. Likewise, if your headset falls, then the mic will hit the surface.

Check the material carefully that can last for a long time and is flexible .most headsets come with a detachable mic. If you are not using a mic, then remove it easily.

Cord cable

In-game, the headset considers the material of the cord cable. A normal cable will not last for a long time you should buy a headphone with the braided cable that will be stronger and last longer.

Connectivity parts

The connectivity parts may be broken easily when you are using the headphone. You should check that all parts are connected properly. Check the ear cup. They should be even and perfectly in place. The power cord connectivity should be strong enough for regular pull. If it is weak, then when you pull the jack, it will break and damage.


The headphone should be compatible with the system for which you want to use them. Some headsets are compatible with the multi-platform, and some can be used only for some specific devices.

Generally, the compatibility information is written on the packaging of the headset. So before investing your money, make sure whether it is compatible or not.


Drivers tell you how high is the sound quality. Mostly 50 mm neodymium drivers are used. You can also see the drivers with 35 mm, 45mm.

Don’t buy the headphone with small drivers. They may be outdated. Look for proprietary drivers for high-quality sound.


Connectivity shows you how the headphone will connect to other devices. It may be via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. It is best to buy a gaming headset that connects with Bluetooth. The headset with a USB port is also perfect. You can use it for other peripheral devices.

You should also consider the latency in wireless headsets. The best headsets are designed in a way without any latency. The low-quality headphone can have latency issues in gaming and audio responses

3.5 mm audio jacks can be used for many platforms, but you need to use an adopter for PC.USB connectors can be used with many systems. They should only have a USB port.

Surround sound

The surround sound is also a necessary feature. This feature allows you to hear the footsteps of the shooter walking behind you in games. This feature is now available in many low-priced headsets. In this feature, several directional audio drivers are used that allow you to check the exact direction of sound in-game.

This sound will be the same as it would in real life. You will identify the sound coming from different sides, and then you will move in-game accordingly.


The noise-canceling feature keeps away all the annoying background noise while you play. It will separate you from your environment. You will not be able to listen to the voice from your surroundings.

This feature works by creating a seal between your ears and headset ear cups. This feature not only prevents the noise from permeating to your ears but also keeps the sound within your ear cups. So other people will not disturb by the sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to buy a gaming headset?

Gaming headsets are unnecessary, but when you are playing the game, there may be some annoying voices of kids from your surroundings. For example, it may be the voice of radio and TV. This noise may distract you from playing games. Most headsets block the external noise and able you to focus on your game.

Can I use normal headphones for gaming?

The regular headphone comes with similar features like gaming headsets, but gaming headsets are specially designed for gaming. You can listen to each tiny sound in-game. It is best to buy gaming headphones.

Why do gaming headsets break easily?

The main reason is pulling the cord from the plug. When you pull the cord with force, the internal wire in the cord may break and separate from the plug.


We hope that this article will give you all the necessary knowledge for buying the best gaming headphone under $100.your decision will depend upon your needs and budget.

We will recommend you to buy HyperX Cloud Alpha – Gaming Headset. It has a detachable microphone, noise-canceling, and high-frequency response, making it the best gaming headphone under $100.

All these headphones which we have selected are of the best quality. Therefore, you can buy any headphones from our list according to your requirement.

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