Jamo vs Klipsch | Review & Comparison (2023)

JAMO is a fusion name for a combination of Jacobsen and Mortensen (Jacobsen + Mortensen=JAMO). A carpenter named Preben Jacobsen started the business, constructing loudspeakers in his henhouse back in 1966. Two years later, his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen joined him. The name JAMO had seen around one million units produced by 1978.

Klipsch was established in 1946 and since then has been known to manufacture good quality and reliable speakers. They manufacture audio products, from headphones to home theatre systems.

Main Difference between Jamo vs Klipsch

The major difference between the two is their price. Klipsch is an expensive speaker compared to Jamo and gives more efficient sound quality.

Sound QualityGenerally smooth and balanced, with clear mid-range and deep bassBright, clear, and dynamic, with strong emphasis on high-frequency sounds
DesignSleek and minimalist, with a focus on Scandinavian aestheticsBold and eye-catching, with a focus on American engineering
PriceGenerally more affordable than Klipsch speakersGenerally more expensive than Jamo speakers
Product RangeOffers a wide range of speakers, from bookshelf speakers to floor-standing speakersOffers a diverse range of speakers, including home theater systems and outdoor speakers
TechnologyUtilizes high-quality components and advanced technologies, such as WaveGuide horn technology and Hybrid Composition Conical Cone woofersUtilizes proprietary technologies, such as the Tractrix horn and the Klipschorn, which enhance sound quality and clarity
PopularityLess popular than Klipsch, but gaining popularity in recent yearsHighly popular and well-known among audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts
Listening ExperienceOffers a warm and immersive listening experience, suitable for a variety of music genres and audio applicationsOffers a lively and energetic listening experience, with a focus on high-volume and dynamic audio playback

Quality of Material

Jamo and Klipsch are well-known companies for the manufacturing of audio products. They never compromise on the material used in the production of their audio products.

Jamo speakers are built with materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) for the speaker cabinet, which is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood into wood fibers. The company also uses other materials, such as aluminum, glass, and plastic, in its speakers for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Klipsch, on the other hand, uses a variety of materials in their speakers, including wood, metal, and plastic. They use MDF as well, but also use a horn-loaded design in most of their speakers, which means that they use a horn-shaped structure that helps amplify and direct sound waves.

The horn is made of lightweight, rigid materials such as aluminum or plastic. They also use Cerametallic, a material that provides increased rigidity and high-frequency response in their speakers.

Performance and Sound Quality

Both Jamo and Klipsch are known for producing high-quality speakers that provide clear, accurate, and balanced sound. However, the specific sound features of their speakers can vary depending on the model and design.

With a front-firing tube port, Jamo speakers have a balanced and neutral sound signature. They are known for reproducing accurate and detailed sound across the frequency spectrum, maintaining a good balance between bass, mids, and trebles.

The speaker’s sound is accurate and has a wide soundstage, giving you a theatre-like experience, depending on the model.

Klipsch speakers, on the other hand, are known for their dynamic and powerful sound. The company’s horn-loaded speakers are designed to provide high-quality, accurate sound that is both detailed and punchy.

They are known to have a more forward-sounding and lively soundstage. In short, their speakers have a slight emphasis on the high frequencies, giving them a more detailed and crisp sound.

Let’s compare the best home theatre systems of both companies.

Jamo Studio Series S 803 HCS-BLK home theatre system

Top Pick


  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf
  • Complete 5.0 Home Theatre
  • Dolby Atmos Ready
  • 3” taper on the cabinet to accentuate the slim design
  • Studio 8 waveguide Technology
  • The patent-pending seamless fastening system
  • 25 mm (1”) soft dome tweeter
  • 127mm (5”) Poly fiber woofers

S 803 HCS is the most compact Jamo Studio 8 Series system. The home cinema package includes 1 Jamo Studio Series S 803 HCS-BLK B home cinema system that is black.

Dual S 803 Dolby Atmos ready bookshelf speakers come with a perfectly tuned center channel speaker. Two S801 speakers are also provided for a good surround sound that adds to your incredible yet compact home theatre.

Jamo S803 is a complete 5.0 home theatre system with two bookshelf speakers, 2 S801 speakers for surround sound, and 1 s81 Centre Channel speaker Dolby Atmos, ready for 8 ATM speakers.

The powerful front-firing tube port allows for versatility in placement. You can place it in cabinets or against the walls wherever you like. It also allows an enhanced and cleaner bass response. Jamo S 803 features Studio 8waveguide technology that focuses on high frequencies to provide a dynamic and powerful sound.

The speaker has a beautiful and contemporary design. No holds or pushpins are required for mounting, resulting in a minimalist finish to the front baffle design. Large, woven magnetic linen grilles are eye-catching. They come in two colors – heather grey with white models and charcoal grey with black or walnut finishes.

Wood grain accents are added at three places – around the tweeters, at the base, and at the feet to create a handcrafted look.

Moreover, Jamo S 803 has improved 2.5-inch long-throw IMG woofers. This aids in expanding midbass bandwidth, resulting in a perfect blend of sound.

  • Good quality sound
  • Beautiful design
  • Provides more bass but occupies less space
  • An adapter might be required 

Klipsch HDT-600 Home Theatre System

Top Pick


  • Centre channel: 3.6”*9”*3.85”
  • Sub: 14” * 13.5” * 13.5” 
  • Amplifier: 100 Watts
  • 8-inch down-firing, fiber composite-woofer
  • Exclusive Klipsch horn-loaded technology
  • It can be placed horizontally as well as vertically
  • Cradle base with 45° degree range of motion

Klipsch HD theatre is one the best in its form and comes with four satellite speakers, a matching center channel speaker, and a powerful subwoofer. A compact surround system affordably adds crisp dialogue, explosive effects, and brilliant sound to your video.

Each speaker is equipped with an exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix horn for its 0.75-inch tweeter. This results in superior detail reproduction and increased output.

An 8-inch down-firing fiber composite woofer fills the room with such a kind of bass that it is heard and can also be felt. This feature makes the bass enormous and makes the music even more enjoyable.

The solid MDF cabinet is equipped for low resonance. But on the other hand, the bass reflex design helps reproduce deep bass. So now, if you are watching an action movie, this bass-reflex system provides you with such a realistic feeling during the events in the movie that gives you an even more enjoyable experience.

With the help of volume, crossover, and phase controls, you can adjust the bass according to your requirements.

The speaker also comes with this unique feature that it can be laced both horizontally and vertically, whatever suits you the most.

In addition, it comes with an adjustable wall bracket with a range of 40° motion and ¼ inch 20 threaded inserts for an optional floor-stand mounting. The center channel also comes with a cradle base with a 45-degree range of motion.

  • Can be placed both vertically and horizontally
  • Good quality sound replication
  • Reliable 
  • You might need a receiver


Is Jamo same as Klipsch?

Jamo and Klipsch are both known for the manufacturing of audio products. However, they differ in their features and properties and have their characteristic benefits and cons.

Are Jamo Speakers good?

Yes, Jamo speakers are good speakers when it comes to sound quality. They produce an efficient sound with powerful bass.

Is Klipsch considered high-end?

Klipsch is considered high-end since they are known to be one of the most well-known and prestigious brands in the market that are well known to manufacture high-end and very reliable products.

Is Klipsch an audiophile?

Ideally speaking, Klipsch is not regarded as an audiophile. But they sound perfect and are a good choice in speakers when buying a new set of speakers.


Ultimately, the choice between Jamo and Klipsch speakers will depend on personal preference, room size, and your specific audio needs. It is recommended to audition both brands’ speakers in your listening environment and select the one that you prefer the most.

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