Sennheiser PX 100-II Review

Sennheiser PX 100-ii came out in 2012 as a new and improved version of the earlier model, the Sennheiser PX100, which first appeared in 2008 as an inexpensive, very portable set of stereo mini headphones. The newer PX 100 ii retained all the power and sound quality of the original px 100, but added several convenient features, including stronger folding hinges, a steel-reinforced headband, and a single-sided connecting cable to avoid tangles. And now, for those who need a headset that is compatible with mp3 players, notebooks, iPods, iPhones, Smart phones, Androids, and several kinds of mobile phones, the Sennheiser PX100 ii i is now available with on inline mic and remote to let the user play music, pause, switch sound tracks, adjust volume, and answer phone calls. More recently a newer model, the Sennheiser PX200 is out with even more handy features and benefits. The Sennheiser PX 100 features an impressive frequence response range of 15 – 27,000 hertz. The DuoFol dynamic speakers of the 100 PX Sennheiser, powered by neodymium magnets, produce natural-sounding bass tones and clear middle and high pitches, but with a special emphasis on bass

There is a powerful 32 ohms of impedance with a maximum sound power level of 114 dB and a harmonic sound distortion of less than 0.1%. Comfort features of Sennheiser PX 100 stereo mini headphones include a Padded headband, soft, foam-covered ear pads, swivelling earplates that rotate up to 90 degrees for a personal, customized fit, and an ultra-light weight of just 2.6 ounces to make long listening sessions enjoyable. The connecting cable of the Sennheiser PX 100 ii extends to almost 4 feet, and to keep the listener safe (and also to help produce the deep, natural-sounding bass tones), these Sennheiser headphones have an open-back design so that the user can be aware of the sounds around him.

To learn more about the Sennheiser PX 100-ii i lightweight headset, you can click on the link to see a review video and read an article with a full list of product features by going to Review Sennheiser PX100 ll . Or, to see a video and article about what owners and users have to say about the Sennheiser PX100 headphone after they have tried them out for themselves, click on the link to visit Sennheiser PX 100 Reviews . See below several videos by different authors about these Sennheiser PX 100-ii travel stereo headphones.

Sennheiser PX 100-II Review

If you decide to travel and you are searching the market to find the best travel headphones. The best travel headphone is the one that is lightweight and can be used for a long time period. The stereo sound headphones with high sound quality. It is the best travel headset that can fold down to the size of a pair of sunglasses and store it in the soft carrying pouch.

The Sennheiser travel headset is durable it is featured with fully adjustable padding. You can adjust the pad to any head size. The on-air cushions that enable you to listen to the sound from outside and provide you comfort. It includes neodymium magnets that reduce the distortion and increase the sound quality. It can be used to make and receive voice calls with amazing sound quality.

It is made with a rugged and steel headband with metal joints. It includes a pouch and quick start-up guide for new users


  • Lightweight headset best for air travel and road trip
  • Neodymium magnets for great sound quality
  • Control headphone with a small mic
  • You can use it with the latest generation of iPod,iPhone,iPad


  • portable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to store
  • great sound


  • Bass distortion
  • Thin cord