Vizio Elevate vs JBL 9.1 | Comparison of Soundbars

Vizio elevates the manufacture of high-quality technology. They manufacture TVs, audio products, speakers, and other kinds of Tech with the latest features that appeal to everyone.

JBL, on the other hand, is one of the most prestigious companies known to manufacture very high quality yet affordable speakers. If you need an excellent and high-end speaker, JBL has to be on your list since they are the customer’s favorites.

Premium speakers are being introduced by JBL, wireless Bluetooth speakers, android & iOS headphones, subwoofers, soundbars, home theatre systems, and much more.

Main Differences between Vizio Elevate and JBL 9.1:

Here is given a brief comparison given for certain prominent features of both the speakers:

Quality of material

Both the speakers are made up of premium quality material that makes them reliable and used efficiently. 


JBL 9.1 has the best performance among both. They produce a loud and clear sound with deep bass. Vizio also has good performance, but in this race, JBL 9.1 has the upper hand and is usually more preferred than Vizio elevate.


Both soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity with a good range. Moreover, Vizio Elevate can be integrated with HDMI, Optical USB, WAV Audio Playback Voice Assistant Input Analog, 3.5mm stereo jack, and Wi-Fi 802.11n. While the JBL 9.1 has a pair of HDMI ports with one supporting an eARC


Vizio Elevate comes with 2 AAA batteries, whereas JBL 9.1 has 10 hours of battery timing for the detachable speakers.


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Vizio produces a good sound with good bass. JBL has a more precise sound with a tremendous bass. The sound produced by JBL goes well with a 4K quality video.

Final Comparison

JBL has more efficient connectivity and many built-in features that Vizio Elevate doesn’t have. JBL is a bit expensive, but it is worth buying and provides good quality music and sound because of its up-to-date feature.

VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar

Top Pick


  • Batteries: 2 AAA 
  • Speaker type: Subwoofer
  • Auto-rotating adaptive height speakers
  • 4 up firing speakers reflect enveloping sound
  • 18-high performance speakers
  • 107 dB Sound pressure level
  • 30Hz-20kHz frequency range

You get a subwoofer, remote control, HDMI, and audio cables. Vizio elevate provides ultimate theatre surround sound innovation with a broader soundstage, Dolby Atmos, and voice assistant ready.

The speaker has a broader sound stage. When the speaker is rotated forward, they provide more precise vocals to standard stereo modes, which is particularly great for music. 

Vizio elevate is equipped with Dolby Atmos + DTS:X, which provides cinematic sound above and around, creating a sense of ultimate theater surround sound. 

It also has a voice assistant that enables you to use your voice to control Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant. This can be done through the soundbar with Bluetooth connection pr by a dedicated 3.5 Aux.

The high-performance 8” wireless subwoofer is engineered for a precise and deep bass down to 30 Hz. In addition, remote control with a backlit display and preset EQ modes for gaming, movies, music, and direct are featured. 

With its Chromecast built-in, you can stream music, podcasts, and much more from popular Chromecast-enabled apps like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. 

  • Good sound Quality
  • High- bass
  • Voice assistant for good control
  • Major bugs with the software are being complained about by the users
  • Expensive 

JBL Bar 9.1 Channel Soundbar

Our 2nd Pick


  • Connector type: Optical 
  • 10 inches 300W powered subwoofer
  • 820W Output power
  • Built-in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X decoding
  • Ultra HD 4K Pass-Through with Dolby Vision
  • Detachable battery-powered surround speakers
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming

This JBL item comes in a box containing one main soundbar, two detachable wireless surround speakers, one wireless subwoofer remote control with two batteries, and power cords up to 8 pcs depending upon the region SKUs. The box also contains an HDMI cable, 2 L-shaped wall mount brackets (Main Bar) and 2 U-shaped wall mount brackets for surround sound speakers, and a kit with screws.

With a total o 820 watts of output power, the JBL bar 9.1 soundbar brings the ultimate theatre experience to your home with two detachable surround speakers and an added punch of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound. As a result, the soundbar produces powerful and crystal clear audio.

JBL 9.1 helps you save your effort with its natural surround sound feature. All you have to do is place the detachable surround speakers behind you, and you can get a realistic surround sound in a second.

There is no need to engage any extra wires, and the procedure is hassle-free. These detachable speakers go anywhere with 10 hours of extended playback, and you can place them very conveniently without needing extra wires.

Only 4K sound goes in with a 4K quality video. So JBL soundbar makes the dynamic duo when you pair it with your TV.

Built-in Airplay enables you to stream seamlessly from your apple device. With a single tap, you can stream your favorite online music with the built-in Chromecast feature. In addition, the Bluetooth wireless streaming feature enables you to stream the music wirelessly from your phone or laptop.

  • Ultimate 3D sound experience
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • High-quality sound and bass
  • Some customers are reporting ü Battery replacement issues. 


Is Vizio Elevate worth it?

Yes, Vizio elevate is worth buying since it is introduced with many latest features that make a speaker good quality and appealing. In addition, it provides good sound quality and deep bass, making it an excellent speaker to buy.

Is JBL 9.1 worth it?

JBL speakers are known to be one of the best speakers in the market. They have up-to-date features and Bluetooth connectivity, making them good speakers.

Does JBL 9.1 have eARC?

Yes, JBL 9.1 has an eARC. Out of a pair of HDMI ports, an HDMI-ARC port supports eARC.

How many watts is Vizio Elevate?

Vizio elevate is 340 watts.

How long is Vizio Elevate?

Vizio Elevate is 48” long and 6.5” wide with a height of 2.6”.

Is JBL 9.1 worth buying?

JBL 9.1 is definitely worth buying since it features the most up-to-date properties. Though it is a bit expensive, it is still worth buying due to its high-end quality and features.


JBL 9.1 is a good choice compared to the Vizio Elevate since JBL speakers are one of the most trusted speakers worldwide. They have the most up-to-date features and are equipped with the latest technology. Their performance is excellent, and most customers are satisfied with it. If you want to buy a good speaker, JBL 9.1 has the upper hand.

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