JL audio vs Kicker | Which Car Speaker is Best For you?

To provide in-car entertainment for the customers and also to provide information for the vehicle occupants, in-car speakers are designed. Two features that are particularly kept under consideration in designing the car speakers are:

  • They should be lightweight and hence can be easily installed in the car
  • Should provide a good quality sound and proper bass

JL Audio and Kicker have introduced two of the premium car audio speakers that could be installed into your car and can be relied on with confidence. We will discuss here in detail the features, pros, and cons of both of the speakers that’ll help you choose the best car speaker for your car.

JL Audio vs Kicker: Reviews

JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series 6-1/2” 2-way car speakers

These speakers come in at 6 ½ inches and are two-way coaxial speakers, so they play mid-range and high frequencies of music all in one location. There is a component in these speakers that segregates the mid and high-range frequencies of sound that is called the tweeter. Tweeters are relatively small speakers that emit out the upper ranges of sound that are then further used to reproduce the sound, music, and speech called trebles. 

The speakers are comparatively cheaper as compared to that the other large speakers that are available in the market. It is very easy to install the speakers in the car and provide a great sound with solid repetition. 

JL Audio C2-650X has a high bass game and provides a great base response. Its DMA-optimized motor systems deliver a linear woofer excursion capability. They have:

  • A high output capability
  • Better power handling
  • Very less distortion
  • Deeper bass response
  • A strong mid-bass

The speaker also features a silk dome tweeter that gives out a high-quality sound without any distortions. You get a loud and clear mid-range which even at higher volumes won’t sound harsh, and thus they retain the ability to reproduce the sound in a perfect way. 

Speaker also features a mineral-filled polypropylene cone with a well-controlled breakup, providing a good sound and good damping and thus is very durable. Speaker has a continuous power handling rating of 60 watts and a peak music power of 225 watts.

The speaker has excellent substantial weight and built quality. This feature enables the speaker to be very reliable and durable. The material used in the manufacturing of the speaker is solid and is very well engineered to bring the speaker to its original form. The speaker is also very nice looking. 

Tweeters are coaxially mounted and are built with ¾” of silk dome. These silk dome diaphragms are destined to deliver a smooth, extended response. Its small size also minimizes tweeter protrusion, allowing C2 coaxials to fit behind factory speaker grilles. 

Woofer grills are also included: a black grille tray with satin silver accents and black steel mesh grille. An electroformed JL Audio logo also comes along.


  • Product Dimensions: 14 * 8.25 * 5.25 inches
  • 2-Way 6-3/4” speakers – comes in a pair
  • 4 – ohm impedance
  • ¾” silk dome tweeter
  • 15-60 watts RMS of the power range
  • Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround


  • Good quality sound
  • Excellent bass control
  • Easy to install 


  • Sound might get distorted due to some external interference

KICKER CSC65 CS series 6.5 inch 300 Watt 4-Ohm 2-way Car Audio Coaxial Speaker

If you are thinking of upgrading your factory music system, then this speaker is the best upgrade you can have. Coming with a lot of features, this music system stands out and provides the user with an amazing listening experience. 

The speaker delivers remarkable performance, and an ultra-clean bass with a heavy-duty magnetic structure than usual stock speakers lack. Stamped steel framework provides support to a rigid polypropylene cone with Extended Voice Coil technology and thus gives out the best sonic sound quality. 

Zero protrusion PEI Tweeters with neodymium magnets bring to you the perfect clarity that you need without any interference from factory grilles. CS Speakers provide maximum efficiency with a continuous power of 100 watts. 

2 pairs of CS series 6.5 inch 4-ohm, 2-way speaker systems are engineered in such a way that they perfectly fit most cars and provide you exceptional performance with an ultra-clean bass.

Performance features of kicker CSC65 CS Series 6.5 inch are as follows:

  • 300 Watts Max per speaker 
  • 200 Watts RMS Power per 2 pairs

Speaker has a polypropylene cones and a ribbed UV treated polyester woofer surround that is heat and light resistant and thus acts to provide protection against heat and sunlight. 


  • 6.5 inch 4-ohm 2 way car coaxial audio speakers
  • EVC technology for improved woofer performance
  • 0.5 inch PEI dome tweeters
  • Polypropylene cone to protect against heat and sunlight
  • 300 Watts Max per speaker


  • Good quality sound
  • Ultra-clean bass


  • Sound might get distorted due to some external interference

Comparison Table:




Product Dimensions




4 -Ohm


2-way speakers



RMS Power

15-60 watts

200 Watts



PEI Dome tweeter

Polypropylene cone

Injection molded mica filled

Polypropylene cone


JL Audio speakers and kicker both have their own unique and matchless properties that make them distinct from each other. Both the speakers provide excellent sound quality and also ultra clear bass that fulfills the basic requirement of a speaker. Select according to your own choice keeping into consideration all the above-explained facts and figures that will help you through your selection.