Elgato wave 3 vs Blue yeti | Which is Best Mic For You?

Elgato wave 3 and Blue yeti are USB microphones offering high sound quality. In addition, these microphones are easy to use. You may see a large variety of microphones in the market, and both USB MICs are different in terms of quality, size, and features.

In this article, I will compare both microphones, and you can easily identify the best microphone from the two choices, and it will be easy to choose the best one according to your needs.

Elgato wave 3 vs Blue yeti

Elgato Wave: 3 – Premium USB Condenser Microphone for Streaming, Podcasting, Recording, Gaming, Home Office and Video Conferencing

Elgato wave 3 is a mid-range model with an easy plug-and-play feature. The capsule design Mic with a tight cardioids pattern catches the voice with precision. In addition, the wave can be controlled via the wave link app.

There are audio sources from 3 to seven, and create the two independent mixes. Up to 24-bit /96kHz from analog to digital conversion. The clipboard technology for distortion-free sound. Excellent circuitry for audio signal transmission.

The outside steel grille for smooth sound distribution and the capacitive mute button is on the top side of the Mic. the multifunctional dial with buttons to adjust the headphone volume, crossfade between Mic and PC mix and tweak input gain. It comes with U-mount and padded base heavy-duty desk stand.


  • Nine independent channels allow you to blend the different audio sources
  • You can create the independent output mixes
  • It comes with a mute function and cardioids pattern
  • It can be used in PCs and laptops running with Windows operating system
  • Elgato wave 3 has an LED sound level indicator for monitoring and controlling the audio level
  • A control dial with input gain, Mic/PC monitor cross-fade, and volume


  • Crisp and clean sound
  • The mute button is amazing and easy to use
  • Lightweight and great for traveling


  • It does not have the fancy and sleek look
  • The body of the Mic made with plastic material

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Blue VO!CE Effects, 4 Pickup Patterns

Blue yeti is a versatile Mic that can be used for professional podcasts, gaming, video voice, live streaming, and music recording. Yeti will always deliver high-quality sound. It comes with 3 capacitor capsules for different types of recordings. In addition, blue yeti has options of four pick-up patterns flexible cardioids, Omni bi-directional, and stereo patterns.

Blue yeti has control buttons to adjust the gain and headphone volume. There is also a mute button on the front. The mute button has a light indicator that gives you a signal whether the Mic is muted or not.

It also comes with plug and plays features. Use it for Mac/PC. You have to connect the Yeti Mic to a computer with the USB cable and set the sound level of the computer to start the recording. It is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack on its bottom side.


  • Yeti is easy to set up set it on the desktop stand and microphone stand
  • The yeti comes with a different controller including, headphone volume, mute, gain, and pattern selection
  • It is easy to set the microphone’s sensitivity by adjusting the gain control button
  • This microphone can be folded for easy traveling
  • Yeti can be used for windows 8, windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X with 64 MB or higher RAM


  • Best to have the headphone jack in the Mic
  • The mic is very well built
  • excellent sound quality
  • metal body


  • the poor quality cable is given with the Mic
  • lack of bass

Whats the Difference Between Elgato wave 3 vs Blue Yeti


Elgato Wave 3

Blue Yeti

Power source


Corded Electric





1.29 pounds

3.51 pounds

Polar Pattern



Audio Sensitivity





4.92×4.72×11.61 inches

Mute function




Is wave 3 better than Blue Yeti?

The features of Elgato wave 3 are better than blue yeti. It has clipboard technology to deliver distortion-free sound.

Blue yeti gives you features of polar patterns that allow you to record with one mic. You can set it to Omni or bi-directional.

Do rappers use Blue Yeti?

Yes, blue yeti is a good mic for rappers. If you cannot afford high price mic, then blue yeti is a reasonable price mic with a gain control option for high-quality recording.

Why are Blue Yeti mics so bad?

Blue yeti mics are heavy and large size difficult to move the mic. It cannot easily be mounted on a boom arm. It is necessary to place the mic close to your mouth during recording. It is not possible while using blue yeti.

What is the difference between Wave 1 and Wave 3?

The legato wave 1 comes with a headphone volume dial on the front body, while wave 3 has a capacitive sensor on its top side. The max sample rate for wave 3 is 96 kHz, and wave 1 is 48 kHz.


The legato Wave 3 is a better and recommended mic for you. It is lightweight and easy to portable. It is well designed to stand on the desk. It also allows you to offer high-quality clear sound with less background noise. It is built with a clip guard to deliver the sound without distorting and clipping.

The Elgato wave 3 is the perfect mic designed for streaming and gaming. Blue yeti is also a good mic with more polar patterns, but it does not have the feature of a clip guard that helps to save your sound recordings.

I hope that this information will be helpful to buy the best microphone from the market. Thank you