Sonos Beam vs Bose Soundbar 300 | Which Soundbar is Best For You?

Soundbars are an affordable and stylish addition to your house, adding to your home entertainment. They are straightforward to use and set up, and they can be coupled to your TV and music system very conveniently and provide a richer sound. They can prove to be perfect additions to your home entertainment systems.

Sonos and Bose are both well-known companies to manufacture speakers and audio products. In the following article, we will discuss two soundbars by these two companies with their detailed review, features, pros, and cons.

Sonos Beam vs Bose Soundbar 300


The companies have managed to construct the soundbars in good material. Sonos Beam has a perforated polycarbonate grille rather than fabric, making it easier to clean and resistant to water. The body of Bose soundbar 300 is made up of premium plastic with a front metal grille.


Sonos Beam has a compact size of 25.6 inches, making it fit easily with your TV. The total dimensions of the Sonos Beam soundbar are 25.6 * 2.7 * 3.9 inches. While the Bose 300 is 2” tall, so it can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table due to its small and compact size. The total dimensions of Bose 300 are 4.02 * 26.58 * 2.21 inches.


The soundbars have built-in Alexa and Google Assistant that provide easy voice control. Moreover, they can be controlled with remote control. You can easily control the soundbar using your voice only. You don’t need to get up; all you need to do is give a command in your voice, and the soundbar will obey you like a slave.


With its wireless connectivity, you can easily connect it to your TV and start streaming your favorite shows, movies, and music. The Sonos Beam delivers crystal-clear audio quality with a dynamic sound that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

The Bose 300 is a speaker system that allows you to connect to your devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Bose 300 is perfect for any music lover with crystal clear sound and dynamic range. Whether you’re streaming music from your phone or laptop, the Bose 300 will deliver quality audio every time.


Sonos beam has an HD sound that goes very efficiently with your HD TV video and produces a richer sound that fills the entire room. While Bose 300 provides an efficient and spacious sound with exceptional clarity and a richer bass which is a treat to hear.


Both work on the standard Voltage supply as per US voltage distribution.

Main Difference

Sonos Beam is much more expensive than the Bose 300, although both soundbars have almost the same features, from the straightforward setup to built-in Alexa voice control. Also, Sonos Beam has wireless connectivity while Bose 300 has Bluetooth connectivity.


BOSE 300

Product Dimensions –

25.6 * 2.7 * 3.9 inches

Product Dimensions --

 4.02 * 26.58 * 2.21 inches

Item weight: 6.35 pounds

Item Weight: 8.09 pounds

Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant

Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant

Easy setup

Simple setup

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

HD sound quality

HD sound quality

Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar

Top Pick


  • Compact size – 25.6 inches only
  • A very simple setup
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • HD sound – rich and clear sound 
  • Easy control – with a remote and Sonos app
  • Built-in Alexa – voice control
  • Sonos or SLs can be added for surround sound 

Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar of just 25.6 inches, giving you the perfect sound quality. This soundbar can be coupled to a TV or any other device that you like, giving you an excellent sound quality that you enjoy.

The soundbar produces a rich and detailed sound that fills the room and gives you a realistic feeling. This high-definition sound is perfect for coupling with a TV with HD video quality because only high-definition sound can work with a High definition video quality.

Sonos Beam is just not for TV. You can play music over it, which also effectively supports the video game format. You can play radio audiobooks and movies over it.

One most prominent feature that Sonos Beam has is its effortless control system. The soundbar has a built-in Alexa that enables the user to control the soundbar with a voice which seems very convenient and advanced. Also, the soundbar could be controlled with a remote and Sonos app that can be installed on your desired device, be it your Android or iOS.

Soundbar also has class 10 compatible with full video recording and playback (Full HD 1920*1080) video support.

This may vary depending upon the host device and other factors, including the file attributes. The soundbar has an effortless setup and can be brought to functioning after unboxing in no time. It just has two cords and automatic remote detection. Sonos or SLs can be added for surround sound.

  • Easy to setup
  • Compact size
  • Voice control-built-in Alexa
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • No manual

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Our 2nd Pick


  • Built-in Alexa _ convenient Voice control
  • TV voice control – Bose voice and video control
  • Sleek design: soundbar is just 2” tall 
  • Compatible with other Bose products
  • Five full-range drivers
  • Setup with Optical audio cable or HDMI cable 

Bose smart soundbar 300 utilizing a single connection via an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable provides simple connectivity. Along with this, the soundbar features the latest technology of Bluetooth connectivity.

The soundbar could be connected to your TV by plugging it into power and turning it on. You can also download the Bose Music app to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Soundbar has a built-in Alexa that helps in easy soundbar control through your voice. What usually takes several steps can now be done with a simple voice command. You can check the weather or listen to your favorite music with this fantastic latest feature.

Bose 300 is a part of Bose Smart family that can be paired together for Multi-room listening. Also, with the new advanced Bose Simplesync technology, you can pair your Bose 300 with your Bose headphone 700 or select Bose Bluetooth speakers.

This soundbar can be mounted on a wall effortlessly or in front of a TV. The soundbar is just 2” tall. The soundbar, when connected via an HDMI ARC cable, the volume can still be controlled with your TV remote.

The sound quality provided by this soundbar is excellent. It delivers a spacious sound with exceptional clarity and richer bass. 5-full range drivers produce a comprehensive and clear sound.

  • Easy setup
  • HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sleek design 
  • Good voice control
  • If you want to expand it, you need to buy more Bose products.

Final Verdict

This soundbar is equipped with the latest features that provide an excellent sound quality with easy setup and connectivity. Voice control is the key highlight in both the soundbars. However, Sonos beam is a little too expensive while Bose 300 provides almost the same services at a cheaper cost. Choose according to your need and requirement.

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