What are the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet in 2020

Today’s best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet in 2020

Hey guys!!! As Christmas is nearby and we are searching for Best Christmas Gifts for our love ones. So those who love riding motorcycle then we have got some amazing and Best Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets for them. Here are some question for Motorcycle riders

Can you listen to music while riding motorcycle?

So here we go, are y’all tired of riding incessantly your motorcycles especially when we talk about traffic jams??? Does it mean that there is no other safer medium through which a person can keep his/her focus on the road while confabulate with your companions?? If it’s a yes, then let’s just try to find out some solutions regarding this problem.

As per all of our knowledge the technology has been escalating rapidly day by day which is a very good thing isn’t it…?? Well we’re supposed to be thankful to this technology only which has provided us with a new outstanding thing called motorcycle bluetooth helmet which is also called Bluetooth ready helmet. Y’all must be thinking what it really is, let me help the ones to those who are not familiar with this word and also to give you the basic information about this particular object. It’s ultimately a motorcycle helmet only which has been incorporated with the mind-blowing Bluetooth feature and that comes when one can share their data wireless with their biker buddies within a specific rang, listen to the music or talk on call with ease by turning on the Bluetooth button on the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and at the same time on your  smartphone cellphone as well as on any other device while you are on the way or on the go making it easier to make a connection between two people within a certain radius, thus providing infinite benefits to the bike riders.So what are the features of the motorcycle bluetooth helmet?

What is the best Bluetooth for a motorcycle helmet? ( November Updated)

Here is the list of best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for the month of November 2019

Product Name Intercom Range Weight Talk time
ILM Modular 1000 Foot 1.8kg 8 Hours
BILT Techno 1290 Foot 1.3kg 8 Hours
FreedConn 1600 Foot 2.9kg 9 Hours
O’Neal Commander 118 Foot 1.8kg 10 Hours
TORC T14B 100 Foot 2.1kg 8 Hours
Bell Qualifier DLX 100 Foot 1.8kg 8 Hours

It’s very difficult to make the best decision by purchasing the right item for yourself so when we talk about choosing the right motorcycle bluetooth helmet which will be used for daily purpose so it is very necessary to consider some important factors which involves number of riders, quality sound, voice prompt feature and place of use, so these are the hidden and precious elements which might help an individual to make the right choice. Some best Bluetooth helmets are discussed as below

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet:

In any Bluetooth the talking time is given more importance, ILM Bluetooth gives a full 110 standby time with 8 hours of talking time, what an excellent quality!! The sound quality is remarkable even at high speeds appreciation should be given to the noise inhibition technology and DSP echo elimination.

This Bluetooth does keep in view the riders hygiene and the comfort level so it does include a microfiber liner which is fully cleanable and outlets are alterable. You can answer calls, redial a number, reject any call and make a call with just a single touch. The rider’s safety is essential so it provides ECE and DOT safety standards.

Key features

  • Eight hours of talk-time
  • Single touch calls
  • Two built-in speakers giving full stereo sound
  • Option of FM radio and GPS audio


  • Brand: ILM
  • Model:953
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds


  • Good air stream in the helmet, FM radio built-in, speakers are unequivocal at even high speeds

TORC t14B Bluetooth Integrated Make Full Face Helmet:

This helmet is available in several sizes and colors, offers a 24 hours talking-time also 600 hours standby mode powered by a lithium battery. This helmet has Bluetooth connectivity and allows the communicate with the other riders within the array of 400 m away via the intercom facility indulged within it, also has a MP 3 connection.bluetooth motorcycle helmet

It has a built-in anti-noise microphone and the sound quality is been guaranteed by the dual stereo speakers. Contains a shield that is anti- scratch and anti-mist as well as a breath diverted. This product is certified by ECE 22.05 and DOT. For hygienic reason, a liner is attached that is detachable and effortlessly washable and a chin-belt is stuffed with a D-ring fastening.

Are TORC helmets safe?

Yes Sure, as its designed to keep you as safe as can . It is one of the top brands in motorcycle helmets



Key features

  • 24 hours talk-time
  • Anti-abrasive and anti-fogging shield
  • Certified by DOT and ECE 22.05


  • Brand: TORC
  • Model: T14B1 FSL NK L
  • Weight: Lighter (5.1 pounds)


  • Chin-strap is not intrusive and fits comfortably, helmet holds resolute to the head, visor seals very well

Bilt Techno 2.0 Seno Bluetooth Modular Helmet:

This Bluetooth helmet exists in six sizes and a range of different colors. As long as the rider’s comfort and safety is concerned there the viewfinder has an interior change of mechanism in bright sunlight. It is dispensed with a unified Sena DWO-5 Universal Bluetooth 3.0 communicator that is universal and works overall across almost all the brands. It gives you eight hours’ time to chat and a seven hours standby powered by a rechargeable battery.

bluetooth motorcycle helmet



Is the bell qualifier a good helmet?

Yes, as its because of its good padding inside the helmet and also the noise cancellation facilities. Allows an individual to connect to the other person who will be in the range of 400 m away. Music files can be shared via smartphones to the Bluetooth helmet.




Key features

  • Aviation and light-weighted helmet
  • Dispensed Sena DWO-5 universal Bluetooth


  • Brand: Bilt


  • Extremely convenient, excellent airing, penetrable lining material.

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Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet:

It is a full face Bluetooth helmet which is present in six various colors and provides a perfect combination, meets the FMVSS 218 standard and Is DOT approved. Very light-weighted, got a clear shield that supports anti-fogging and anti-scratch as well as granting UV security. It is considered as the best motorcycle bluetooth headset for music.motorcycle bluetooth

In terms of consolation, it has an aeration system attached with a wind sensor to reduce the road noise and wind. Adding to this it comprises of humidity-capillarity lining, changeable/ washable interior and profiled cheek-pads. To keep you in-touch, it has an integrated speaker pockets and also has been outlined to connect the headset and the interphone of the Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo system.





Key features

  • Has ABS shell construction
  • Padded with a wind collar which helps to eliminate wind speed and road noise
  • Integrated with pocket speakers


  • Brand: Bell
  • Model: Qualifier DLX
  • Weight: 5.25 pounds


  • Modulation lens are very useful.

Before you go for shopping of such expensive helmets make sure that you summarize the above mentioned Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets which are most popular in the markets which gives you an excellent snapshot of what’s big on sale right there. So bike riders!! Here’s a chance for you to go and purchase the best suitable Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for yourselves and for your buddies.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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